About Me


I am so excited you're here, and even more excited that I get to write this for you. My name is Sandra Alcantar, I live in Fort Worth Texas (yeehaw! (we don't really say that)) with my husband and 6 year old son. I am a Bible-Believing Christian, which simply means that I believe everything in the KJV Bible. Most days you can find me at home because I am a Stay-At-Home Mama probably cleaning or thinking of what to cook. I also homeschool my boy- we are in 1st grade, eek!

I am mostly known for being an artist, I admire inspirational artwork, creativity (being yourself) and unique things. My favorite mediums are Watercolors, Acrylic and Photography. I discovered my love for art in middle school- those art crafts and projects just hit my heart. I looked forward to art class, and now I get to teach my son! Does this mean I can buy all of the art things? (haha)

I love loooong walks through Hobby Lobby (or target) and like browsing through Pinterest. I like to believe I am an Old-Fashioned-Minded Little Lady who loves to wear dresses and sometimes skirts.

I will write more about Sweeter Than Honey KJV in another blog post
Sandra A.